The individuals who make up Paws & Reflect understand how difficult it is to lose a furred, feathered or scaled best friend. We have all personally felt how the process of getting to your primary care veterinarians office for end of life care can be exponentially more emotionally taxing for both the owner and companion animal. This is why we aim at helping the Savannah and surrounding areas with pet euthanasia in more peaceful settings.

The center of what we do is to help families with the most important decision they have to make for their beloved pet, saying goodbye. We want to go above and beyond during these inevitable times while we help families with that decision.

We had the inspiration to offer in-home euthanasia because it is what we would want for our own pets when it is their time.

Why? To ensure passing with dignity and offering freedom from any pain or suffering. It is ok to reach out to learn more information and have difficult discussions anytime, not only out of necessity when “it’s time.”

We are here to make the process as peaceful as possible. We know the loss of a companion animal because of illness or old age is very difficult so we are here to discuss the difficult topics with compassion and empathy.

Exotic animals are also able to be cared for with some exceptions, contact for more information. Some of these species include pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, birds, fish, goats, etc.